As CDL continues to develop and procure innovative and challenging high end architectural residential projects, the opportunity to enter the commercial market became seemingly inevitable.  This was in response from continued enquiry from our consultants and clients to be involved with commercial projects that “have a bit of flair”

Whilst the challenges of budgets, timeframes, project management and client liason remains similar to that in the residential market, there are marked differences that exist within the commercial building market. Managing Director, Justin Carnie, has had experience in luxury commercial development in the United Kingdom from early on in his career, so he understands the considerable differences and challenges in both markets well.

Commercial buildings have strict regulations regarding materials, construction techniques, electrical systems, plumbing, and even design and size. Understanding all these relevant laws amd regulations is vastly different working on commercial projects compared to residential.

The costs for even comparatively sized residential and commercial developments are vastly different. There are a number of reasons for this. Material selection, maintaining and gaining compliance, and the experience of staff can all make a difference when it comes to cost. Commercial construction projects are typically run on tight schedules, so laboring experience can become incredibly important to ensure that project deliverables are met.  Therefore understanding the specific skill set and attributes of our staff, all contribute to the management of the project and given timeframes.

There a many important factors common amongst successful, established businesses. These being: trust, proven ability to deliver projects of similar complexity and value and in desired timelines and building relationships with architects and developers. An important one in a busy market, having the locally based team – not directed by an Auckland / Chch office; not only internally but with subcontractors. It takes time to form these relationships and align with subs and suppliers that can deliver the (standards) we expect.  We’re aware of other commercial construction firms looking to come to town, but without the established relationships in what is a limited resource pool, in some ways they’re at the mercy of the market. Although the CDL Commercial branding is new, we already have these key factors in place.

Wanaka is currently experiencing unprecented growth and is an exciting location to be involved in luxury and commercial construction.  CDL is well placed and experienced to offer service in commercial construction and are activly involved in the competitive tender market.  We believe this keeps us fresh, and competitive and up to date with the latest innovations nationally and internationally, therefore all round a winning combination for our clients.

CDL’s commercial division is hitting the ground running in 2018, the re-development of the old police station in Helwick St “The Precinct” is about to commence.