CDL Building is a Wanaka based company of construction and management professionals who construct award-winning high-quality custom luxury homes & commercial buildings for clients in the Central Otago and Southern Lakes districts.

We are proud of our ability to deliver quality construction services, and place a high degree of importance on professionalism and results.

We genuinely enjoy what we do and aim to create a stress free environment for our clients.


Our approach involves working closely with the client to firstly understand your needs and then facilitate the activities that will meet those needs.

Early appointment of CDL Building to your home or commercial build project team will allow the questions of building techniques and cost associated with design options to be thoroughly investigated. In this way the design objectives can be met using methods and materials that will be reliably cost effective.

We see our overall role as primarily to:

  • Gain the commitment of all participants to the overall project programme and to manage vigorously all elements to achieve this programme;
  • Oversee and manage the quality of all work carried out on-site;
  • Act as Project Manager, provide advice as required and keep you informed of project progress;
  • Develop a project specific safety plan for your site to comply with legislative requirements, but also and more importantly, to ensure no one is harmed.


The structure of our group provides unique benefits to our clients.

  • We don’t spend large amounts of time and money attracting business; we rely on our reputation to do this for us.
  • Client’s risk aversion fits perfectly with our ability to assume and control risk. Our capacity to control risk is considerably enhanced by the opportunity to be involved in the project at an early stage.
  • Our people specialise and are qualified in construction and project management practices ensuring the team consists of people with a commitment to quality and the experience and knowledge that enables them to deliver quality.
  • We adopt a problem-solving mentality and proactive project planning processes.
  • We are Licenced Building Practitioner’s (LBP), members of Site Safe and the Registered Master Builders’ Federation.
  • We value professionalism, experience and results above all else. Our team, along with the sub-contractors we engage, must be able to demonstrate a record of achievement and integrity.
  • Depth of local industry knowledge, relationships and goodwill.

CDL Building adopts a series of strategic principles at an operational level to proactively mitigate risks that ultimately affect business performance and efficiency. Particular emphasis is placed on accurate forecasting and subsequent resource management. Although we always maintain a capacity component to provide some necessary resource flexibility; we fundamentally manage our labour gang resource based on that gang being focused on one stage at one project at a time. Projects are taken on, or turned down based on this. When we say, “we can complete a job,” we have this confidence as we have calculated it. This greatly reduces our risk of resource misalignment relative to workload. This also affects staff retention in a positive way.

  • Our entire management team is Wanaka based (apart from Murray Hurley).
  • Our project management team are all trade qualified builders, or tertiary level qualified Quantity Surveyors.
  • We have the proven ability to deliver projects of considerable scale and complexity.
  • We specialise in multi-million-dollar residential projects.